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1/01/14 “SPECIAL NEWS” Eagle of Pineapple Yoga KAUAI
releases his FUSION project as an iPhone & iPad APP

Get FUSION here! (click image to get FUSION)

– A one of a kind coffee table book.
2/02/11 MIDNITE

1/1/11 Pineapple Yoga sponsors local REGGAE SHOW

Kauai’s very own rasta band ‘The Lambsbread’ to open for the FEBRUARY 2nd show with reggae giants MIDNITE here on the ‘garden isle’ of Kauai.

Come and feel the good vibes and support two of the best reggae music has to offer!
“St. Croix meets Kauai once again”

FEBRUARY 2nd 2011 on Kauai…

Roots music with MIDNITE and Kauai’s own LAMBSBREAD!!!

Also see this Midnite link:
Click this link to hear the message of Midnite by brothers Vaughn and Ron Benjamin:
(great midnite interview on FOX NEWS)

The Lambsbread:!/pages/the-Lambsbread/102654737954
…and for more on rasta vibes with The Lambsbread see these links:
Lambsbread VIDEO LINKS:

Bless up Kaya & Nadia for holding it down for Kauai all these years!!!!!!!
…beautiful vegans The Lambsbread.

~Pineapple Yoga KAUAI is happy to be an event sponsor~

5/10/10 Change for Balance

Aloha Ohana!
Our focus has always been providing high quality media resources and support to groups and individuals who are contributing to the betterment of humanity. In this case, we are giving a voice to our friend the HORSE!

Please take a look at our feature ‘Equine Destiny‘ at this link:
Mahalo to everyone for the support!

All the best, Roddy

2/01/10 Shirin Healing

Offering: Group classes (Adults, Children & Teens), Private Healing sessions (in person or via phone), Officiate Wedding Ceremonies, New Moon Manifestation Circles.

For more information, please visit, FB and twitter at Shirin Healing.

1/01/10 Happy New Year and Blessings from Pineapple Yoga!
12/25/09 Merry Christmas from Pineapple Yoga!
12/22/09 Ali G Body Haromny. Kauai Massage Therapy and The Rolf Method of Structural Integration / Rolfing.

Contact Ali at: or direct at: (808)639.0394

12/22/09 Get your Holiday bliss on with ALOHAVEDA WELLNESS. A variety of treatments including Ayurvedic Treatments, Panchakarma, Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, Hawaiian Lomilomi Training and Vegetarian Organic Ayurvedic Cooking Classes.

Contact Sue at: or direct at: (808)634.0346

12/21/09 Blessings and Aloha to everyone! Viva 2010 Namaste, Eagle


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