Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Kamran Taleb: Pineapple Yoga’s PUJARI (temple/alter space keeper)

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

— Rumi

Aloha, Mahalo to Pineapple Yoga’s honorary “Pujari”, brother Kamran!!!

We are all blessed daily with a freshly saged “Mysore Style” room and the freshest Kauai flower blooms, peppers & fruits, set with intention on our Sri K. Pattabhi Jois altar in respect and gratitude. The entire Pineapple Yoga community appreciates you Kamran, your 6 day a week devotion, your offerings, kindness and care. Thank you! It is truly felt by all.

The path of Ashtanga Yoga was introduced to Kamran by his dear friends Olaf Kalfas, Nina Kalfas, Anthony “Prem” Carlisi, Heather “Radha” Duplex and of course in the neighborhood at Pineapple Yoga KAUAI with Eagle.

Kamran’s specialty is creating Spirit Gardens, living alters that are so exquisitely beautiful, any human or Spirit loves to roam there. He creates art in the garden and can turn any ordinary space into an extraordinary living art space. He has an incredible ability to transform a space, with such a special eye for the right colors and a wonderful mix of plants, truly honoring the earth and those blessed to walk around these “Spirit Gardens”.

In addition to practicing Ashtanga Yoga and sporting a love affair for a healthy garden, Kamran hosts two radio shows each week on Kauai’s Community Radio, KKCR. His OASIS SUNDAY radio show is on from 10am until noon has been on-air for over 10 years and his GARDEN SHOW is on Wednesdays at Noon. You can easily tune in and listen to Kauai’s very special local community radio by visiting the KKCR website; click here to enjoy Kamran, Hawaiian music shows and the many great volunteers that host a wide variety of shows: (

Kamran Taleb


Kauai’s Community Radio, KKCR
OASIS SUNDAY radio show is on from 10am until noon
GARDEN SHOW is on Wednesdays at Noon

Mahalo Kamran for all the care and devotion to yourself, to Kauai and the Pineapple Yoga Ohana… Viva la gardener… viva la poet… viva la ashtangi!

"All you need is LOVE"
— The Beatles